Saturday, April 18, 2009

This spring I celebrate ten years of professional photography and graduation from Pratt Institute.

Before you join me on a stroll down memory lane or realize you have to get back to work, I want to articulate my gratitude to family, friends, colleagues and clients who supported me along the way. Whether you entrusted me with an important event of your life, recommended me to new clients or just said a kind word of encouragement, I value it all.
My journey was charmed at the onset with a gig at Citypaper as a photojournalist. I was getting published weekly within months of graduation. I met Jill Scott, ate some very photogenic meals at new restaurants and spent two days at a dog park for my first cover story.

I also came upon wedding photography at a time when couples started to embrace a fine art and documentary approach. Yes, I have fun and love what I do even if it does kick my butt and subject me to the absurdity of Philadelphia business taxes.

309 photo shoots later, I continue to see each opportunity with fresh eyes. Speaking of fresh eyes, I have had the joy of photographing my new niece this past year. Feel free to share your cuties with me and I will find all of their funny expressions.

I look forward to seeing you around town, hearing that the bar mitzvah boy is heading to college or meeting new additions to the family.

Keep smiling,