Sunday, August 30, 2009


another saturday, another wedding, another tropical storm - danny
how much fun did these kids have?
beautiful day, nonetheless

Saturday, August 22, 2009


tropical storm bill, that is

thanks bill for the stormy clouds that made Jason and Julie glow against the foreboding sky

- and holding off the rain until we got under the tent for the reception

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

anna & andrew

I would like to set the record straight: yes, photography is cool, but so much work. The actual photography is only a fraction of what it takes to do it. Marketing, bookkeeping, post-production, filing taxes - it's all photography, not just clicking away at smiling brides, cute babies and sunsets.

Having cleared that, I will proceed to gush about the honor of sharing weddings with people - especially a minister.

I was touched to be asked to photograph the wedding for the associate minister of Chestnut Hill Presbyterian. Andrew and Anna radiate joy and their family and friends don't take them for granted. I love walking into a family/community as a stranger, having no idea how the day will go and inevitably finding myself bonding with the guests.

I clicked with a fellow photographer (ooh, bad pun not intended) and ate dinner with the church's lead minister, Cindy Jarvis. She and I discussed the church getting involved with healthcare and I realized that your community is a place where good health can start.

I love catching people in a genuine laugh or sweet gaze - I wish I could do this with my own family but the lighting is never right or I'm too busy laughing myself. Makes me appreciate why I am crashing other people's moments.