Sunday, May 31, 2009

brilliant haze

It was so humid on Sunday before memorial day it rained just out of spite. Lauren was so sweet and calm it put me at ease. Then I got amazing images through the thick of the hot air. Everyone was so happy and kind I made friends along the way.

Lauren's mom is an artist and appreciated my "acrobatics to get the shot". Lauren's uncle is a fellow Pratt grad, so I felt right at home. Especially at Bolingbroke, which I enjoy shooting from every angle. Leigh connects me with couples spring, summer and fall. There is always something in bloom and plenty of magical nooks so my images look different every time. Happy dancing thanks to Tom Barrett - check out the cute baby promo shot! The bold move to make seafood the main attraction was a winner - salmon, swordfish and scallops - what a treat from Perfect Setting.

Lauren and John were incredibly patient while I juggled several cameras - payoff! I love this image with the medium format camera, it has the ethereal light that makes you feel the love.


Lauren & John said...

Shoshanna, these photographs are spectacular! You captured so beautifully the most wonderful night of our lives thus far. We can't wait to see the discs with the rest of the pictures. Thank you so much!

Larraine said...

What beautiful pictures! You really show what a true artist can do.

lapnews said...

Great collection of images. Good variety of situations, lighting. The Abbey Road bridegrooms is a nice touch.