Thursday, May 28, 2009

that was then

dumbo (down under the manhattan bridge...overpass - redundant)
circa 1997

I first came upon this place on a bike ride when I was still living in ft. greene and had no idea where I was. That summer I had the fortune of staying in the Heights for 2 weeks while I looked for a new apt. I found a sign on a wall for a roommate needed.

looking out from our roof to an empty lot now filled with fancy condos where busta rhymes lives (according to a source). I used to cool off up here on hot summer nights and listen to the din of distant traffic before passing out in my room on the second story of our huge space with no windows or a/c

probably a yoga studio where tires once lay

heidi came to live with me (and mike who was rarely in shared spaces) and brought a retro kitchen table and chairs from a "tag sale" (she was from massachusettes). I miss Heidi, she disappeared into boston...

have roof access, will make art


in 2009, 65 jay street is too rich for my blood

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